Service photos provided by the models.

Service photos provided by the models.


The Smile Lines Project Summary

My Smile Lines Project is a traveling fine art exhibition of 52 portraits documenting the resilience of US Armed Service Members.  Most creative endeavors have motivation as their muse, whether it is the influence of a beautiful model or a personal challenge.  My motivation is my love of life, my desire to paint and the fact that 22 Veterans a day are killing themselves.
A portrait to me is an approachable, timeless introduction to a unique personality.  Because everyone is different, there will be 52 individual smiles.
Each 16" x 20" oil painting will be accompanied by a statement from interviews giving additional insight into each volunteer's life skills and experience.
The Smile Lines Project is created to celebrate resilience.  Through sharing their lines of wisdom, 52 service members representing the 50 states, Puerto Rico and D.C. will offer insight into their smile lines.
Through paint and words I will exhibit a conversation about the skill sets inherent in overcoming life's challenges.
The project is anonymous allowing these veterans to speak freely and deeply about his or her life.  No one's service can be weighted against another's.  At the end of the tour of the country each painting will be returned to the model with my gratitude.
My project includes the creating of each oil portrait, the framing , insurance, exhibiting, logistics and promotion of the exhibition throughout the country.
By funding the Smile Lines Project you are investing in the creation of an exhibition of
Wisdom, Courage and Strength.

As of December, 36 individual interviews and sittings have taken place.

Thank You!


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